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shoes, and with a large round ball In his muzzle-
loader. Eagle Plume went on the trail of the big

It was easy for an Indian to follow Its path,
because its tracks were bigger than any wolf tracks
he had ever seen. It led Eagle Plume a far
journey across a hanging mountain %ralley and on
through a heavily forested range of low^-lying
mountains. The wolf seemed to be bent steadily
on a trail that lay due north. Nothing,, not even
the fresh cross-trails of caribou, had swerved it
from this purposeful course. It acted not like a
hunted thing evading its pursuer.

Eagle Plume had travelled all day, and the late
afternoon sun was making long shadows, when
suddenly as he peered ahead, he saw the big wolf
run out on a naked ridge that rolled up from a
bushy mountain plain.

It had been snowing for some hours in a quiet,
Intense way; and with the descent of the sun, the
wind was rising with fitful whines, making little
swirling gusts of snow-drift on the white surface
of the land, which foretold the approach of a
mountain storm. The new snow had made the
going heavy for Eagle Plume, and It must have
been tiring to the wolf, too; for it was now sink-
ing to its belly with each step*

Eagle Plume was a tireless hunter, and he knew
that if the wolf kept to the open country-, he, with